String Lights encompass a variety of elements and a multitude of uses when used in your lighting decor.

First are Market Lights. We have done miles and miles of market lights inside and outside, and use our proprietary method when installing them. With our large inventory, we offer variations in wire color such as white for indoors and tents, and green for open outdoor spaces. Both with an option to use a clear bulb that provides that "classic" look, or pearl white bulb that look great even in the daytime.  We also have a black wired option which includes dangling Antique Edison style light bulbs for that rustic or industrial look.

Second is our String Light Canopies or Fairy Lights as they are sometimes called. They are essentially a blanket of lights that are installed over the event space and can be used inside or out. As you can imagine they a lot of work and take some time, but the result is nothing less that magical as you can see in our GALLERY.

String Light / Market Light Options

Market Lights

Whether you call them market lights (what we normally call them), cafe lights, string lights, or festoon lights. One thing is for sure; market lights are timeless.

String (Fairy) Lights Canopy

A String lights canopy consists of thousands of mini lights installed in a manor that it becomes a twinkling blanket of light. Indoors or out, it always looks magical!

Edison Bulb String Lighting

Going with a vintage style or an industrial feel to your event? Edison light bulb strands are the perfect choice. Match them with our Edison Bulb Structures.

Market Lights