LED Dance Floors Options

LED Dance Floors are the new rage. Why go with just the usual white, black, or checkered dance floor when you can go with one of our LED Dance Floors that will provide that added elegance and FUN factor!

With availability, set-up, and delivery throughout Florida and the United States, we have the largest selection of LED dance floors for rent in the South East and are sure to have the floor you are looking for. All of our LED dance floors can be used as a stage covering, a Fashion Show catwalk, as well as the centerpiece to your event.

With the best pricing in the industry; take a look at our many options and call us to let us know which floor you want for your event!

RGB Twinkle Dance Floor

Our LED Twinkle Dance Floor comes in BLACK or WHITE and is the only one in the South East that is RGB which give us the ability to make your floor twinkle in ANY color you want. Priced @ $7.00 sq/ft

Infinity Dance Floor

LED Infinity Dance Floor

GET LIT is the only company to offer the Infinity Dance Floor in Florida and it is one of the coolest dance floors you will see. With RGB control, we can create amazing effects and colors. Priced @ $8.50 sq/ft

RGB Pixel Dance Floor

Our RGB Pixel dance floor comes in either BLACK or WHITE, and can be used to create images, text, and videos. Color changing L.E.D lights allows the floor to act as a pixelated video floor. Priced @ $10.50 sq/ft

Disco Dance Floor

LED "DISCO" Dance Floor

Our LED "disco" dance floor is a fully programmed and controlled dance floor for the duration of your event. This allows us to customize the colors, patterns, and effects to your specifications. Priced @ $8.50 sq.ft.

LED Video Dance Floor

Imagine dancing on a High-Definition video screen. We can project any image or video, or series of images and videos to dance on such as rose petals, autumn leaves, a custom monogram, or logo. Priced @ $15.00 sq/ft

LED Dance Floor Gallery

See all of our LED dance floors in one area. Take a look at the many images and videos we have to help assist you in your decision to getting an LED Dance Floor for your event.