How many uplights will I need?

There are many factors when it comes to deciding how many up-lights you will need for your venue in order to achieve best results. Bellow is the most common way we would calculate how many fixture we might need.

A. Does your venue have any columns, arches?

Generally if any of these architectural objects exist the rule of thumb is: 1 (one) fixture under each column, and 2 (two) fixtures under each side of arches. Sometimes you might want to add 1 (one) fixture in between columns or arches that are separated by a wall section in order to give the room a more enhanced look/effect.

B. Sometimes we don’t have any of the architectural objects such as walls, or arches as described above. Instead we have flat walls or sections of walls. In this scenario we usually place 1 (one) fixture every 10-20 feet depending on how full you want the room to look. And up to 2 (two) fixtures under each wall section.

Why do I need a cake spot?

When a room is decorated with lighting it is typical that the overhead lights are turned down as much as possible to enhance the lighting to create that “look”. When this is done your expensive and beautiful cake tends to be in the dark but, with a proper cake spot, it will shine. Perfect for pictures of your cake cutting and, if done right, put you in the spot light as well, so everyone can see this fun and special moment!

How of a deposit do I need to make to save our date?

A 25% non refundable deposit payment is required to book our lighting services.

How many color options do I have, and can I have mixed colors and/or controlled color changes thoughout the night?

With our LED up-light fixtures the colors to choose from are endless, we can create any shade of any color that exists. You can either have static mixed colors that remain the same for the entirety of your event, or we can include a technician who will control the lights throughout the night to your specifications. The fixtures can also create beautiful chase effects, and even dance to music! Click HERE to see color changing in action!

How long does set-up and break-down take?

Setting up usually takes between 1-5 hours and sometimes more depending on the amount of lighting and if there is programming required. Tearing down after the event usually takes half the time of the set-up.

Can I schedule a walk-through at me venue?

Yes! We do offer free on site consultations within the greater Orlando area. All other areas are subject to a small fee that will be absorbed if you are to book our services. We will schedule a meeting with you at your venue to discuss all lighting needs and to propose our recommendations. It is required that you contact the venue to ensure that the space is available for us to view.

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